Longevity Migweld 140 Review

Longevity Migweld 140 is built for the advanced welder, with power and versatility in mind.

It looks imposing enough and customers who have tried the welder say it’s really effective for their projects, but is the Longevity Welder the right tool for you?

That’s what we wanted to find out so we conducted an in-depth review. We didn’t just take a look at the welder, but also compare it with other top welders in its range.

If you’ve been using a welder for some time now and want to upgrade to something more powerful, the Longevity is probably on your radar, so let’s see if it’s really good.

Features of the Longevity Migweld 140

• The package includes the main unit, contact tips, the MIG torch, regulator flow gauge and ground clamp.
• The Longevity comes with a proprietary transformer technology, ensuring its reliability and durability.
• There is thermal overload protection built in to ensure your safety. If you have been using this welder for a long time and goes past the duty cycle, the thermal overload protection steps in.

This automatically turns the welder off, preventing damage and cooling the system. All you have to do is wait for the system to cool down and you can start welding again.
• The Longevity is a certified 140 amp welder, something other 110V welders cannot claim. You just need to plug this in using the provided plug and you can commence welding.
• There are Tweco style connectors provided, and this makes it easy to interchange the torch with your spool gun.
As these features would indicate, the Longevity is packed with all the essentials plus a whole lot more.

If you’re into advanced welding, you will realize just how important these features are and why they’re included here.


• Welds different metals: the Longevity welds the most widely used metals for welding, and if you buy the optional spool gun, it’ll weld aluminum too. Advanced welding projects necessitate the use of different metals, so this is an essential feature.
• Versatile: you can use it for car repair, machine fabrication, home and commercial maintenance. Most welding machines are only good for small jobs, but the Longevity is good enough for HVAC, construction, motorcycles, bicycles and general welding repair.
• Easy to use: even though it has a lot of power, the Longevity is intuitive so you can get to work right away.
• Connection: the welder connects to any standard 110V wall outlet, allowing you to configure the welder in just a few minutes.

Even on a 110V, the Longevity can handle up to 11 lbs. of spool. Gas use when welding is optional, another indication of its flexibility.
• Flexible: the panel makes it easy to make adjustments to the settings. The dials are well placed and intuitive so you can weld with precision. Whether you’re a beginner welder or advanced user, the dials are going to help you get the weld right.
• Learning: Very little time is required to learn how to use this machine. Compared to other welding tools, the process is easier to understand.

If you have experience with welding – and if you’re thinking of buying this, the answer is yes – then you will have no problems getting this welder to work the way you want.


• The weld pattern can be a little inconsistent on 20 gauge metals. This has not been reported often, but we have to mention that some users have experienced this and that they had to make adjustments.
• Some welders say the Longevity needs to be tweaked to attain maximum performance. Some users, for instance, say they had to adjust the tensioner and the wing nut to get the most out of it.

Comparison of the Longevity Migweld 140 to Other Welders

So how does the Longevity welder do when compared to other power welders like the Hobart 500559 and the MIG Welder, Handheld, 208/230VAC?

The Longevity does very well actually with both.

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V

The Hobart is a decent welder, but the voltage/wire chart is inaccurate, and the wire feed is too sensitive. The Longevity also does a better job welding mild steel as handles better and the results look superior.

Both are capable of welding different metals, but the Longevity does it better, especially with mild steel. The Hobart is not without merit, but when you consider the features of the Longevity, it has more value.

The Longevity also offers more than the Lincoln Electric.

MIG Welder, Handheld, 208/230VAC

The Lincoln costs more, but as far as performance goes the Longevity holds its own. Another thing we like about the Longevity is its power because the specs are good enough for car mechanics and technicians.

We also have to point a few more advantages the Longevity has to offer over the Lincoln. You can use this with a flux core or gas, and there won’t be any reduction in terms of performance.

We also have to add the Longevity is portable and versatile enough to be used in homes or carried around for repair.

When you look at the performance and capabilities of these three, it’s clear the Longevity is the best. This doesn’t mean the other two aren’t any good, only that when it comes to value and welds, the Longevity is the more practical choice.

With its capabilities, you can use it to weld just about anything you have in mind.

Verdict of My Welder Reviews

After this comprehensive review and comparing it with other welders, we have to say the Longevity is as good as the hype.

The product description promises welding for different types of metals, long duty cycle, and versatility, and that’s exactly what you get. If you’ve been using a basic welder, the difference is like night and day.

If you’re ready to make the upgrade from basic welder kits to something with lots more power, the Longevity is worth a look.

Even though the welder has got a lot of power, the learning curve isn’t that steep, and it’s a worthy investment.

You may want to read also how to choose a welder.

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