I was thinking to launch this site for quite a long time: the online medium needs a blog to learn the world what welding really means. To learn about the possibility of becoming a professional welder, that the welding is more than just pieces of iron  placed one over the other to be attached.
About the fact that with little ambition, theoretical knowledge and a lot of practice you can become a professional welder or more.

Specifically, here’s what you learn on weldinggeek.com:

How to become a welder
How to start small projects welding at home
– What is the best welding equipment for you (read reviews)
– How to use this equipment
– What does a welder do
– And many other tips needed for a beginner

Having at least a minimum bag of knowledge, you’ll have a greater chance to find a job as a welder.

Today it is hard to get a job as a beginner welder. Unfortunately, most
companies hire only experienced workers.
For highly experienced professionals welders (but not only), who are in search of equipment, I made a series of reviews on some of the best pieces of equipment on the market.
With this occasion, I want to ask the professional welders to share their experience and knowledge for those who begin their journey in the world of welding, by leaving a comment on reviews or articles.

If somebody has a suggestion on what subject to write or a piece of equipment for a review, or just to say hello, please contact me here.

Also, don’t forget to share if you like what you read.

Thank you!